Creativity and Deadlines

I’ve often said “Nothing gets done without a deadline”. [I should make that a tshirt or a coffeemug over at]. How does that relate to the “Week Begins” album [which is still in progress…STILL.] Read on…….

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Too Much

How NOT to deal with a list that has too much on it. A sordid tale of an experiment on an Edisonian scale – I find another thing that doesn’t help.

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Something a Little Different

Since it’s a week before Christmas…. or CHRISTmas, as I like to say…… and you are probably a bit tired of the same ol’ tunes on the radio that are played year after year….. Back in 2015 I released an album called It Should Be Called CHRISTmas. Along with it […]

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No Guarantees

“That Music Thing”, an advantage to getting older, no guarantees, and a really odd space in my head. By the way, the heart surgeon really DID say that to me. Yes, he really **IS** a heart surgeon.

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