The Week Begins: Friday Already?

More [hopefully] accessibly deep music. BY THE WAY: I’ll be performing at Joey Stuckey’s Alive Day celebration on September 29th, 2023, at the Douglass Theater in downtown Macon. It’s a FREE show – starts in the EARLY evening [maybe as early as 6] – I’m the first act on the list. Come on down!

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The Week Begins: WaterCoolerCoffeeBreak

Yup, a funky name for a track that sounds like some of those in-between moments at work. One of those tunes that started as an experiment, specifically using a softsynth called “Knifonium” by Plugin Alliance [The original hardware unit can be seen HERE – and costs considerably more than I could afford!] But about the […]

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Another in a series of posts with very short titles. Either it is a trend or my fingers are getting tired. What’s with the title? You’ll have to read and think about it……

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