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Doing everything wrong online since before you were sentient. - Royal Quiet Deluxe 1953 model
Loaded with Truth

Yes, a Capital T “Truth”. [Yes, it DOES exist.]

You might be surprised what this typewriter will churn out. - 1953 Royal Quiet Deluxe
Done on a typewriter.

….then scanned in. No Google-readable text here, son – you’ll have to read it for YOURSELF.

[Yes, I know about OCR. I’m conveniently ignoring it. If you don’t know what it is, go look it up yourself. I’m not your Momma]. - 1953 Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter
Posted when I feel like it.

That’s right – no particular schedule. Yet, worth keeping an eye out for. What’s posted here will be short, pithy, interesting, and sometimes even witty.

…and all Artisanally Typed on a 1953 model Royal Quiet Deluxe, with a crinkly gray finish.

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Manchester Part 1

Whereas a dyslexic left-handed middle-aged white guy descends on the city of Manchester and notices a few things……
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2 albums? At the same time? Am I crazy? Plus some thinking out loud about how underpaid Beethoven's copyists were, the differing workflows, and the lack of PostIt notes from heaven.......
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Whoa, Nelly!

An inordinate amount of pondering sparked by Covid, People, Life, and probably exacerbated by prodigious amounts of coffee consumption since I'm working from home now.
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I **STILL** Have No Idea

Why create an album> Whence comes the drive, the necessity? … and even more probably unanswerable questions. Then there’s my shoelaces….
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The James Webb telescope, airconditioning, cell phones, cars, milk, the internet, health care, and a fight in third grade about the Apollo Saturn 5 rocket... all tied together by The Typewriter.
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CHRISTmas Movies

Triglycerides, Christmas movies, sugary-sweet scripts, and is there really a point? #CurmudgeonlyPonderings from the #Typewriter. …..oh, and #MerryCHRISTmas, by the way.
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Deadlines - another missive from Tom's Typewriter that WASN'T done on a deadline.
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Real Men

Real men – definitely not what our culture says they are. And DEFINITELY not dangerous.
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I may have a really weird workflow – but it [mostly] works for me. Then again, how I work in the studio keeps changing, which is…… weird. Further proof I am an odd duck? Read on to s…
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Process Part 2

More pondering about how I go about creating music in the studio, and how it relates to these artisanal missives cranked out on a vintage typewriter. I don’t know why I’m writing about thi…
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Irony, Thy Name is Tom

Seriously – I do wonder if I have high hemoglobin given the level of irony in my life……and that’s not exactly a recent phenomena..
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What This Is

A Place for Tom Rule to think out loud.

Given he’s lefthanded, dyslexic using a real honest-to-goodness typewriter, and is usually out of WhiteOut, this should be interesting.

Tom's Typewriter - interesting as usual.
Seriously, a TYPEWRITER?

Yes. A vintage 1953 Royal Quiet Deluxe.

Assuming I can build up the finger strength.

What's an Anti-Blog?

A Blog where the site owner deliberately breaks all the rules for making their blog popular.

What is this thing?

A place for Tom Rule [of and other sites] to put serious thoughts. “Serious” ones as well.

Tom has been in education for a long time, and is old enough to want to think out loud.

Tom's Music

Seriously, a typewriter?


Tom's Typewriter - interesting as usual.

Are you anti-Tech or something?

Given I work in Tech, have used Tech in creating music for longer than you’ve probably been alive, and that the stuff I type up will be scanned using a recycled Epson scanner connected to a Raspberry Pi 3, which will then ship the file off to a Mac Mini over a wireline Ethernet network for minor editing……. Nope.


Are you always crotchety?

I’m going more for the “old and interesting” vibe. Crotchety is just a pleasant side effect.