YES, the pun is intentional. It bugs me when people apologize for puns….. MEAN it when you pun! A quick reminder of what this anti-blog is about, the rules under which I type, and yet another warning that this blog is created by dyslexia.

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Another in a series of posts with very short titles. Either it is a trend or my fingers are getting tired. What’s with the title? You’ll have to read and think about it……

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What do you type when your head is empty….er, I mean, swirling around and casting about something to fill up that blank sheet of paper sitting in front of you? HOPEFULLY, something interesting. Now, where DID I put that Field Notes Left-handed notebook?

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Well, that could be an odd title. Perhaps it is a patently self-obvious one. Regardless, it was typed – often poorly. Perhaps I should start a GoFundMe to get this typewriter refurbished… it will take me some time to save up enough nickels for the $900 refurbishment. Naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………..

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Process Part 2

More pondering about how I go about creating music in the studio, and how it relates to these artisanal missives cranked out on a vintage typewriter. I don’t know why I’m writing about this – perhaps it is because I’m still figuring it out, even after all of these years.

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