Uh Oh…. the album project has come to an impasse. What to do? Tune in next time, when Tom will probably type about something else because that’s what is in the queue……

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Meetings and Schedules

Some info about recording “The Meeting” – the next being recorded for Tom’s next album The Week Begins. Some pix will be available over at – take a look at the righthand side.

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A Favor, Please

I have a LOT of trouble describing what I create. You could probably have a field day figuring out why….. but for now, I need some help.

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Process Part 2

More pondering about how I go about creating music in the studio, and how it relates to these artisanal missives cranked out on a vintage typewriter. I don’t know why I’m writing about this – perhaps it is because I’m still figuring it out, even after all of these years.

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I may have a really weird workflow – but it [mostly] works for me. Then again, how I work in the studio keeps changing, which is…… weird. Further proof I am an odd duck? Read on to see what you think.

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